WTF Podcast: Local Govt. Hands Are Not Tied!

Introduction: WTF Podcast: The Who, What, When, Where and Why — in Under 3 minutes

This ten-part WTF Podcast is a breakdown of the expected and actual Planning Commission Packet for the proposed Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF) — an actual Antenna Farm of 16 six-foot tall antennas — at 611 Western Ave. on the roof of the Petaluma Creamery. This project (PLMA-20-0003/PLUP-19-000) will be an agendized item at a joint meeting of the Petaluma Historic & Cultural Preservation Committee and the Petaluma Planning Commission on either: Tue Nov 10, Tue Nov 24, or Tue Dec 8.

By viewing these ten short video podcast episodes, you will receive a foundational education about the authority that local governments actually have over the “placement, construction, modification” and operations of “personal wireless facilities”. Local Government officials have much more authority than than what they have been told by the subtle Wireless Industry propaganda or the not-so subtle saber-rattling and bullying that commonly occur.

This podcast brings you expert opinions and analysis from attorneys and Wireline/Wireless experts from across the US. You don’t have to knuckle under to an industry agenda that you do not support. You have the power to say NO and not get sued by the Wireless Industry, in order to preserve public safety, privacy, property values and — most importantlythe quiet enjoyment of streets. The secret sauce is to simply learn how to say NO without making obvious errors. That’s what this short podcast series will teach you. Please watch the intro/prologue, it is only three (3) minutes long. The other episodes are between 5-10 minutes each, and supplemented with links to original materials. Thanks for your interest! Any questions? Email us.😎

WTF Podcast: Table of Contents

Day 1 — Local Governments, Your Hands Are Not Tied!
Day 2 — Expert Advice: Attorney Andrew Campanelli, How to Spot Fraudulent Information in Telecom Applications
Day 3 — Expert Advice: Attorneys Mark Pollock and Harry Lehmann — Protect Municipalities by Demanding Transparency and Effective Insurance
Day 4 — FCC Compliance Does Not Ensure Pubic Safety
Day 5 — VHP: Vertical • Horizontal • Power & Electromagnetic Power Through the Air
Day 6 — The 1996 Telecommunications Act Sets Up Cooperative Federalism
Day 7 — CA AB.57 The State WTF Shot Clock Law and CPUC Regulation
Day 8 — Local Nuisance Laws and the Quiet Enjoyment of Streets
Day 9 — FCC Regulation: Title I and Title II Telecom providers.
Day 10 — Key 2019/2020 Federal/CA State Rulings in Telecom Law

Epilogue — Parting Words: How to Preserve Local Values and Sufficient Telecommunications Service — 10 minutes