2020 Petaluma Election

Vote for Brian Barnacle
Vote for Dennis Pocekay
Vote for Lizzie Wallack

Petaluma Candidate Forum — Sept 15, 2020

Petaluma Mayor & Vice-Mayor Endorse Three for City Council


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To learn more about these candidates, their positions on critical issues, their full list of endorsements and to signup to volunteer, please visit the sites below!

Brian Barnacle
Dr. Dennis Pocekay
Lizzie Wallack

Petaluma-Tomorrow Election Watch

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An Analysis of Campaign Finances and Election Results


Campaign contributions provide a wealth of information concerning the source of support for a candidate (or issue). In addition to indicating the source of support, they are an imperfect yet valuable indicator of whose interests a candidate is most closely aligned with and most likely to favorably consider on policy issues. This page provides information and analysis concerning recent elections as well as copies of Petaluma Tomorrow’s recent campaign door hangers/campaign literature.


Details on Failings of City Council Incumbents

  • Link to Worst Streets In Bay Area
  • Link to Congested Traffic-Deer Creek Development
  • Link to Lack Of Affordable Housing-Favored Luxury Housing (see Page 11)
  • Link to Increased Flood Hazard From Development (See Posts from 6/6/20, 5/22/20, 3/10/20, 2/23/20)
  • Link to Council is Working For Developers Not Petaulmans — Campaign Contributions
  • Link to Council is Working for Developers, Not Petaluma — Marina Apts Bike Path